Habutaemochi no furusato habutae silk rice cake  羽二重餅古村落

More than 10 kinds of tasting and tea service in the hearth. You can also visit the factory. Raw feathers are currently on sale.
爐膛內有十多種品嚐和茶具。 您也可以參觀工廠。 原羽毛目前正在出售。

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With the deadline of Fukui, a textile kingdom that has continued for over 1200 years, it has an elegant luster like Echizen feather double pearl, and an elegant high-quality beauty that gives the feel of silk as it feels like a feather double weave. It is a good confectionery.
福井是一個持續了1200多年的紡織王國的最後期限,它具有越前羽毛雙珍珠的優雅光澤,優雅的高品質美感,賦予絲綢感,就像羽毛雙層編織一樣。 這是一個很好的糖果。

In Maeda Seika, we prepare many tastings such as feather double rice bowl, wormwood double rice bowl, wei fuku, sesame leaf double, walnut feather double, country double stick, strawberry feather double, chocolate double feather We look forward to hearing from you. You can relish all 10 original products of Haneda Hatake.
在前田糖果,有許多品嚐,如羽毛雙飯碗,艾草雙飯碗,織福,芝麻雙羽,核桃羽雙,國家雙棒,草莓羽雙,巧克力雙羽等。 我們將準備並等待。 您可以品嚐羽二重餅的所有10種原創產品。

福井名物 羽二重餅の製造工程が見学できます(日曜日を除く)
You can observe the manufacturing process of Fukui's famous Habutae-mochi (except on Sunday)

The map of the car navigation system will display Maeda Seika
汽車導航系統的地圖將顯示Maeda Seika

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