Kutanimangetsu kutaniyaki porcelain shop
九谷満月 九谷焼瓷器店

Kutanimangetsu Kutaniyaki porcelain shop Ceramics experience and Porcelain display of human national treasure Hokuriku's largest Kutaniyaki specialty store You can experience pottery. You can also have lunch. Meals need to be reserved.
九谷滿月瓷器店 陶瓷經驗 人類國寶的瓷器展示 北陸最大的九谷焼專賣店 你可以體驗陶器。 你也可以吃午飯。 膳食需要保留。
Please show this page to the ticket office.This coupon cannot be combaind with any other promotion or special service.
請將此頁面顯示給售票處。此優惠券不能與任何其他促銷或特殊 服務相結合。

Kutani Mangetsu is the largest Kutaniyaki specialty store in Hokuriku.

     In our shop, there are always works of famous artists such as Human National Treasure Sanshiro Tokuda Hachikichi, Yoshida Michito, and they are only beautiful works, respectively.
在我們的商店裡,總有一些著名藝術家的作品,如人類國寶Ⅲ 徳田八十吉、吉田美統。它們分別只是美麗的作品。

In addition to these national treasure works, there are also plenty of affordable items such as dishes, accessories and figurines that you can usually use at home. The number of products which put these together becomes more than 10,000 points how. You will surely find your favorite item!
除了這些國寶工程外,還有許多經濟實惠的物品,如餐具,配件和小雕像,您通常可以在家中使用。 將這些產品組合在一起的產品數量變得超過10,000點。 你一定會找到自己喜歡的商品!

Our customer's mission is based on our corporate philosophy "We will propose a healing life with new appeal of pottery centering on Kutaniyaki for customers who want the richness of their mind" The first thing I think is that you can be satisfied, we are running every day.
我們的客戶的使命是基於我們的企業理念“我們將為那些想要豐富的思想的客戶提供以Kutaniyaki為中心的陶器新魅力的治療生活” 我認為第一件事是你可以滿意,我們每天都在跑。<BR>
Wǒmen de kèhù de shǐmìng shì jīyú wǒmen de qǐyè lǐniàn “wǒmen jiāng wèi nàxiē xiǎng yào fēngfù de sīxiǎng de kèhù tígō

Painting experience, Rokuro experience

I want you to create your own work "Only Juku", I want you to make such experiences and memories, and Kutani Mangetsu has a section where you can experience painting and rokuro.
我希望你創作自己的作品“Only 碗”,我希望你能有這樣的經歷和回憶,而九谷満月有一個部分,你可以體驗繪畫和六郎。

Even children and adults, please join with confidence because the staff will support you carefully even if you are the first time!

請提前預訂您的體驗。 (可能在當天)、 我們將在加賀市接你,請聯繫我們。 0120-47-2121
Please book your experience in advance. (Possible on the day)   We will pick you up in Kaga city, please contact us.  0120-47-2121

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