kagahan shop of traditional cake
japan origami museum
請糖果城堡加賀藩 日本摺紙博物館

Kagahan Shop of the traditional cake
okasijo kagahan Japan Origami Museum
A long-established confectionery that inherits the traditional culture of Kaga One Stone
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As a long-established confectionery that inherits the traditional culture of Kaga One Stone, there are numerous creative famous confections that have always been nurtured in more than 300 types of history, centering on products manufactured in-house, and a vast sales floor that will be the largest single company in Japan. We are all in one place to tell you. Please drop in at Ogaki Castle Kaga Pass, which 1.2 million people visit annually.
作為一個久負盛名的糖果,繼承了加賀一石的傳統文化,有許多創意著名的糖果,一直在300多種歷史中培育,以內部製造的產品為中心,以及將成為日本最大的單一公司的龐大銷售區。 我們都在一個地方告訴你。 請到菓子城加賀藩,每年有120萬人參觀。

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You can find a variety of great confectionery products, including the famous “Kaga Fuku” since its inception, and visit the production line where the confectionery is made, through the glass, and purchase “made” on the spot. Please enjoy the seasonal taste and aroma that inherits the Japanese sweet culture of Kaga One Stone.
您可以找到各種各樣的精美糖果產品,包括自成立以來著名的“Kaga Fuku”,並參觀生產糖果的生產線,通過玻璃,並在現場購買“製造”。 請享受繼承了加賀一石的日本甜美文化的季節性的味道和香氣。

Japan Origami Museum


The world's largest origami museum that displays 100,000 works of 5,000 types sponsored by the Japan Origami Association, which is a nationwide organization. It is a moving world where beautiful and amazing works are produced from a single sheet of paper.
Origami classes are held daily. Very popular with children! 11:00 to 14:30 to (※ Please check in advance.) TEL: 0761-77-2500

世界上最大的摺紙博物館,展出由日本摺紙協會贊助的100,000種作品,這是一個全國性的組織。 這是一個動人的世界,用一張紙製作出美麗而神奇的作品。 <BR> <BR>摺紙課每天舉行。 非常受孩子們歡迎! (11:00~14:30)(※請事先確認。)TEL:0761-77-2500

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