Saisai Ichiba souvenir shop

Saisai ichiba Souvenir Shop
A wide variety of souvenirs are available, including fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan. Place is 800m west from Katayamatsu interchange
酒店提供各種紀念品,包括日本海的新鮮海鮮。 位於片山津交匯處以西800米的地方

We will give a small gift to those who purchased over 1,000 yen
Please show this page to the ticket office.This coupon cannot be combaind with any other promotion or special service.

北陸・日本海で採れる新鮮な魚介類は地元漁港から直接届きます。また、自ら市場に行き特別な逸品を買い付けてくることもあります。 地元で水揚げされる蟹や甘エビやイカは新鮮で味わい格別です。地元の名産物も豊富に揃っています。
Fresh seafood from the Hokuriku and Japan Sea reaches directly from the local fishing port. You may also go to the market yourself and buy special items. Locally fried salmon, sweet shrimp and squid are fresh and tasteful. There are also plenty of local specialties.
北陸和日本海的新鮮海鮮直接從當地漁港到達。 您也可以自己去市場購買特殊商品。 當地煎三文魚,甜蝦和魷魚清新而有品味。 還有很多當地特色菜。

The rich seafood rich in the Sea of Japan is nothing but the specialties unique to Hokuriku. There is a different flavor depending on the season, so you can enjoy it as often as you go.
富含日本海的豐富海鮮只不過是北陸獨有的特色菜。 根據季節的不同,有不同的味道,所以你可以隨時隨地享受它。

The place is a store facing 800m wide installation road west of Katayamatsu IC. It is a mistake to go inside the village. Please set the car navigation at the address. Depending on the map, "Kaga Noto Sea Product Center" may be displayed.
這個地方是面向Katayamatsu IC以西800米寬的安裝道路的商店。 進入村莊是錯誤的。 請在地址處設置汽車導航。 根據地圖,可能會顯示“Kaga Noto Sea Product Center”。

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