Kaga Traditional Craft Village Yunokuni Forest
加賀傳統工藝村 湯国森林

Yunokunino mori
Kaga Traditional HandiCrafts Village
湯之国之森 加賀 傳統工藝鄉
Look, touch, create!
More than 50 different experiences can be enjoyed in 11 buildings.

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It is a new-style resort that has been developed by transferring a magnificent old-fashioned house with the same roof appearance in a leafy hilly area, about 130,000 tsubo.

Among the cedar groves are exhibits that gather together all the traditional handicrafts that Ishikawa boasts throughout the country, such as Kutani Yaki, Kaga Yusuke, gold leaf, Wajima lacquer, and glass crafts. Also, in each exhibition building, you can enjoy production demonstrations and experience corners. <BR> Kaga's unique confectionery that tastes while touching the one million stone tea bath. Local sake and enjoyable seasonal taste, fresh seafood from the Japan Sea. The exhibition of local writers to see in a traditional Ashiya style home is wonderful.
在雪松林中,展出了石川在全國各地擁有的所有傳統手工藝品,如Kutani Yaki,Kaga Yusuke,金箔,輪島漆和玻璃工藝品。 此外,在每個展覽大樓,您都可以享受製作演示和體驗角落。 <BR>加賀獨特的糖果,在觸摸百萬石茶浴時品嚐。 當地的清酒和愉快的季節性口味,來自日本海的新鮮海鮮。 在傳統的蘆屋風格的家中看當地作家的展覽是很棒的。

相田みつを展 ほんとうに大切なものを ほっとする言葉で語りかけてきてくれる 没後10年を経てもなお脚光を浴び続ける書家・詩人相田みつをの世界。 つらい時、苦しい時、見る人に生きる勇気を与えてくれる相田みつをが残した心に響くことばの数々を紹介。

  Exhibition of Mitsuo Aida
What is really important. They talk to me with words of relief. A world of calligrapher and poet Mitsu Aida who continues to be in the spotlight even after 10 years since his death.
We introduce a number of words that resonated with Aida Mitsu who left the viewer with the courage to live when it was hard or painful.
  Admission fee 540 yen for adults will be 440 yen when you print this discount map and bring it.

真正重要的是什麼 他們用輕鬆的話語跟我說話 一個書法家和詩人Mitsu Aida的世界,即使在他去世10年後仍然成為眾人矚目的焦點。
我們介紹了許多與Aida Mitsu產生共鳴的詞語,這些詞語讓觀眾在艱難或痛苦時有勇氣生活。

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