Mortorcar Museum of Japan

Motorcar Museum of japan
Japan's largest automobile museum. There is great satisfaction.
日本最大的汽車博物館。 非常滿意。

From October 1st, the price has been revised from 1,200 yen to 1,000 yen for adults and 600 yen to 500 yen for children.
Please show this page to the ticket office.This coupon cannot be combaind with any other promotion or special service.
請將此頁面顯示給售票處。此優惠券不能與任何其他促銷或特殊 服務相結合。

From the early days of automobiles to post-war vehicles, we display about 500 vehicles that can be run such as motorcycles, passenger cars, motorcycles, buses, etc. in a vast space of 12,000 square meters.

From legendary cars to popular domestic and foreign cars popular cars, as well as famous cars, you can enjoy a glimpse of the cars that have lived with people. Please enjoy the time CAR Pussel which spreads from the car which made the history to the fun with nostalgic cars.
從傳奇汽車到廣受歡迎的國內外汽車,以及著名的汽車,您可以一睹與人共同生活的汽車。 請享受CAR Pussel的時間,它從歷史悠久的汽車傳播到懷舊汽車的樂趣。

The three-story building is a red brick, classic building reminiscent of a European palace. There are five floors, including the mezzanine and mezzanine floors
這座三層樓的建築是一座紅磚,經典建築讓人想起歐洲宮殿。 共有五層,包括夾層樓和夾層樓。

Rolls-Royce Silver Spar used by the late Diana Fort · Official car of the British embassy until February 1999-Permanently stored at Japan Automobile Museum
已故黛安娜堡使用的勞斯萊斯銀色石柱·直到1999年2月英國大使館的官方車輛 - 永久存放在日本汽車博物館

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