Myojoji Temple
本山 妙成寺

The 10 buildings built by the Kaga-Maesada family are all important cultural properties of the country. Especially Hokuriku's only five-story pagoda is beautiful
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The ten buildings built by the Kaga-Maeda family are all important cultural properties of the country. Hokuriku's first five-story pagoda is particularly impressive.

加賀藩前田家族建造的十座建築物都是該國重要的文化財產。 北陸的第一座五層寶塔特別令人印象深刻。


It is the main mountain of Nichirenmune in Hokuriku. In 1294 (Eihito 2), Nichiren's disciple's disciple Nichiren The beginning of Myouseiji Temple was the establishment of a temple to spread Myoho to Kyoto.

它是北陸日蓮宗的主要山峰。 在1294年(永仁 2),日蓮的門徒的弟子日像聖人寺的開始是建立一個將妙成寺播到京都的寺廟。


If you print an orange discount map and carry it, you will be presented with a five-story pagoda 400 year anniversary sticker.



Car navigation system may guide you from the old narrow road. Please follow the local road signs

汽車導航系統可以引導您從舊的狹窄道路。 請按照當地的路標。

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