Traditional Gold leaf Production HAKUZA
Gold leaf shop HAKUZA
金箔の店 箔座本店
Visit the golden tearoom, finished and finished with the finest traditional gold leaf.

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Golden tea room. You can see the golden tea room finished using about 40,000 pieces of the finest gold leaf nearby. You will be able to enjoy the beauty, luxury and strength of the gilt with detailed explanations.
金茶室。 你可以看到附近有大約40,000件最好的金箔完成的金茶室。 您可以通過詳細的解釋享受鍍金的美麗,奢華和力量。

You can see the tricks of "foiling" and "foil transfer" of skilled gilt craftsmen Closely in the shop It is a big feature of the foil shop that you can hear explanations of gilt craftsman's skill and manufacturing process in the shop.

In addition to high-quality gold leaf art crafts and dishes, you can enjoy shopping unique to "the city of foil, Kanazawa" such as the popular "foil accessories" and "gold foil cosmetics" popular with a wide generation.

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